Looking for a stock image for your blog, website or marketing brochure? Browse through our wide ranging regularly updated stock image library and find some inspiration for your next project. Whether it’s a stock image of Colchester Castle or something more fine art based, Harland Payne Photo may just have what you are looking for. Why not commission us to shoot stock images for you.

Images are supplied as professional high resolution 300 dpi JPEG files with post production to a high standard. Discounts offered for bulk purchasing.

You can purchase images with the following specifications: 

8″x6″    £4.00

9″x6″    £5.00

A4  11.7″x 8.3″   £7.00

A3  16.5″x 11.7″ £12.00


We can offer you stylish artwork for your favourite spaces. Why not commission us to create bespoke digital artwork individually tailored to you and your environment.


Mobiles: 07941 656876 / 07941 840974


For any stock image requests please call or contact us via the form below:


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